Welcome to my Blog—the fluid observer.

What is the fluid observer?  Well...I am the Observer and I believe that life is Fluid.  Being Fluid to me means taking something be it an opinion, a way of life, a relationship, a job and when acted upon by a force tends to change its shape.   Those forces include new discoveries, new technologies, new attitudes and new information.  We take that information and we become more fluid by evolving in our thoughts including the way we live and move in the world.  Being open to change based on experience and increased knowledge.

I said to myself Jan, you always wanted to write a book, but boy that would take some work. I would have to have a storyline, develop characters, use all my words, come up with new ones and that just seemed a little too tedious.  After all I am in my second half of life. I need something to let me become a writer a little faster.  I need to expedite my goal.  Since it is 2016 and technology allows people like me to blog—I am giving it a go.  I am excited about the possibilities.  I hope you are too!

I am a curious, interested, observant person.  I like to share.  My goal is to share with you some things I find interesting that may give you pause.   Maybe it will give you a little somethin’ somethin’ to say at the dinner table.  You know stimulate the conversation as you look across at your companion and say “You again?”    There will be some holistic medical topics, some stories, some quotes, some books and some things I think are cool.   This is not a political site, although we all know which way I lean.

Expect me once every week or two.  Feel free to give me ideas if you want something published. I look forward to the adventure of blogging with you.   Also one important logistic, if you do not you want to receive this blog simply unsubscribe below.  See you next time.

Peace out,