Toxic. Detox. The results from my mother's brain donation.

Remember the organ donation blog?  Where my mother donated her brain laden with Alzheimer’s plaques to Columbia at New York Presbyterian Hospital for analysis?   In that blog, I wrote that several leading researchers studying Alzheimer’s disease discovered a link between Lyme disease and Alzheimer’s. Basically saying, in the study of deceased Alzheimer’s brains there is evidence of Lyme Spirochetes.  This is huge.  The question is:  can/does Lyme disease contribute to or cause Alzheimer’s?  This is important because every single one of us knows someone with dementia so try to stay with me and read this.  See my mother’s test results.

My mother’s slides were tested by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt at his facility in Edison NJ. His method of testing is ART using Direct resonance with samples of Lyme and co-infections.    The result of this testing found my mother’s brain to contain:  Lyme Disease and all co-infections associated with Lyme. To include:  Bartonella, Babesia, Erlichia along with mycoplasma (the smallest bacteria that do not have cell walls and do not require oxygen to live) in the brain tissue slides.  Heavy metals Aluminum (high levels), Cadmium and Mercury many viruses and bacteria were also present in all the tissue samples.  Fungus was present as well.

It is their theory that with Alzheimer’s, “toxins are escorted through the blood brain barrier and with the host of many toxins all together, encourages plaques to develop and take over the terrain.   The toxins most likely are coming from other parts of the body that are overloaded.  It seems to be about the ability of the body to clear toxins naturally and regularly.” 

Many of us need help with the Methylation pathways.  Translated:  The ability of the body to detox toxins in the body and eliminate them.

WOW.  This makes a lot of sense and is directly in line with what the studies are finding about the role of Lyme disease, heavy metals and toxins regarding Alzheimer’s.   So is the-link: Lyme causes Alzheimer’s or is the link that Lyme bacteria is one of many such toxins that in fact make the brain go “Crazy” … and that’s my term. Are these strong bacteria like Lyme an influencer in damaging our brains?


I asked Klinghardt’s group if they felt Epigenetics played a role in all of this. Translated:  Do specific families with a predispostion to Alzheimer’s really have a Methylation process issue? Or a genetic predisposition related to detoxing and eliminating? 


Alright, so you fairly say to me, now you know.  What are you going to do with this information?  Well, the first thing I did was send the results to Dr. Herb Allen who was instrumental in the Drexel Study.  Simply to say as a lay person-this is what Klinghardt found and it's in-line with what you are studying. 

The second thing I am doing is getting connected with the fact my epigenetics (family tendencies) may have a Methylation pathway problem that I am addressing.  How?  I am following the recommendations of Klinghardt’s group.  First I have to understand and mentally accept that these issues may exist in my lineage.

Klinghardt starts with the statement below.  I love this analogy.

Look at your body like it’s a Bathtub.  The size of your bathtub is your genetics and other hereditary/acquired tendencies called miasms. (the effects of microorganisms on the vital force-Life) If your ancestors have had certain health issues or toxic exposures or genetic glitches, your bathtub will be smaller. 

4 Faucets coming into the bathtub are:

1)      The foods you eat.

2)      The environment you are exposed to i.e. Toxins (chemicals and heavy metals), infectious agents, EMF frequencies, vaccinations, environmental factors-pollen, dust, animals, pollution.

3)      Emotional traumas, issues and stress, personal and transgenerational.

4)      Spiritual Connection to God (healing/light).

The Bathtub Drain is composed of:

1)      Intestines, liver and kidneys.

2)      Immune system, lymph system, sweat glands, menstrual blood, acid-alkaline balance, hormones, vitamin/mineral/amino acid/antioxidant/nutrient balance, proper sleep, structural integrity.

3)      Mental, emotional and spiritual healing, a positive attitude and support from loved ones.  Forgiveness, gratitude, thankfulness, unselfishness, love beyond all understanding.

When the Drain is plugged up:

1)      Store the toxins.  Examples of this are tumors (benign and even malignant) cysts, fibroids, enlargement of the organ or gland such as the prostate or thyroid, endometriosis, fat cells, excessive fluid and “mental” illnesses.

2)      Toxins choose an alternative route out of the body.  Examples are skin rashes (eczema, psoriasis, or even excessive sweating) lung problems such as asthma, sinus problems/allergy symptoms and diarrhea.

3)      Substances that suppress the elimination of toxins and create more toxins include: steroid drugs, artificial hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs, birth control pills, illegal/legal drugs and excessive antibiotics.

-Taken from an email to me from Klinghardt’s office

The Gist of it is—given our environment today, pollution, GMO foods, fluoride in water and heavy metal pollutants we need to DRAIN OUR SWAMPS. (forgive the pun I couldn’t resist)

More on how to drain the swamp in another blog.  This is enough for now. Let it percolate in your mind-the connections I have made here between Good health and the toxins that we are exposed too. The link they are discovering between Lyme disease (an intense brilliant bacteria) and the brain.  Is it really all that difficult to make this connection?  I think not. 

My hat is off to the people in this world that study these things. Doctors who connect dots, holistic practitioners who contribute with their knowledge and lay people who care enough to become educated and talk amongst themselves.  Especially people like my mother who despite being ill cared enough to donate her brain so we can accelerate our learning.  Let’s learn how to drain our bathtubs, it starts with educating ourselves.

“There is a hidden sweetness in the stomach’s emptiness.  We are lutes, no more no less. If the sound box is stuffed full of anything, no music.  If the brain and belly are burning clean with fasting, every moment a new song comes out of the fire.  The fog clears, and a new energy make you run up the steps in front of you.”


Until next time.

Sat Nam.