Sychronicity. Are you aware of it?

What is it?  Does one look for Synchronicity or does it find you?  How would you respond if a good friend asked how often you experienced synchronicity?   Consider the below:

Definition of synchronicity



1:  the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung

Did You Know?

It happens to everyone sooner or later: A certain number pops up wherever you go; an old friend you haven't seen in 20 years since high school appears the same day you're looking at her picture in a yearbook; you're singing a song and turn on the radio - and the same song is playing. Such coincidences, here described by Thomas Ropp in the Arizona Republic, March 29, 1999, are examples of synchronicity. The concept is linked to the psychology of Carl Jung. Jung didn't coin the word (the "simultaneousness" sense of "synchronicity" was already in use), but he gave it special importance in his writings. Jung believed that such "meaningful coincidences" play an important role in our lives. Today, some people even look to synchronicities for spiritual guidance.

 -Webster’s Dictionary

 Synchronicity permeates my life.  Per the definition above, once you are aware you find yourself questioning constantly. Why did I see that, what does it mean? To me it is an awareness of being in the present.  It is saying to yourself, should this mean something to me? Is there a message here?  Does that person, animal, situation, event –resonate with me?  Did I see it for a reason, did I feel it, did I travel through that town, did I sing that song in my head for a reason and so on. It’s not just taking life at face value it is pausing to take a deeper look.   Another word you could use is your intuition, your gut instincts-what resonates as meaningful. Maybe if we paid more attention to the synchronicities in our lives we might open ourselves up.  Yeah?

 I love me some synchronicity.  It is affirming and it resonates. It makes me feel wide open because I totally believe it is spirit talking to us.  The following is from Gary a friend of mine.  Here is his story. I will quote and paraphrase:

“I have always watched or listened to other people claim they had talked to someone on the other side. They have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have watched mediums on TV say they can reach the departed.  I always wanted to believe but needed it to be proven to me.”  In January of 2015 Gary’s mother was taken to the hospital after a 911 call.   She spent 90 days between the ICU, a regular hospital room and a nursing facility.  She then passed away without returning to her apartment in Chicago.

 “My mother and I had a unique relationship. She was unique. Regardless, I was there for her in her final days. I was in Chicago for almost the entire period.”  “In March 2016 I was aware of the upcoming anniversary of her death. The day before the anniversary, I had my cell phone in the pocket of my running shorts. Suddenly I heard a voice coming from my phone saying the number you dialed has been disconnected. I looked at the screen and it was my mother’s land line.”

Let me say my mother never had a cell phone. Following her death, I had her land line phone disconnected.   I had not dialed her number since 2014, 15 months.   Her number was in my cell phone but I have over 1300 contacts and her number is buried among them.  She was not in my recents.  There is no obvious reason my phone dialed her number.  None whatsoever. My contacts were not opened on my phone.  I firmly believe my mother instigated that call so I would remember it was the anniversary of her death.” 

Ya’ll- I know this man and I believe him. He is not a woo woo master whatsoever.  He believes, and I believe, spirit called him to remembrance.

 Along those lines, my friends mother died on July 1, 2010. She was memorialized on July 9th.  Whenever she wanted to connect with her daughter she would drop a bird feather in her path.  Kind of like a hey, I am with you sweetheart. (the veil is thin).  This happened many times over the years and prior to her mother’s death, she does not remember these sightings.  This year 2016, on July 10th the day after she was memorialized in 2010, six years ago, my friend was on her lawn and there was a usually large hawk feather in the grass. She immediately connected it to her mother.  It was a stunning feather. Synchronicity? 

Yet another example for you of synchronicity and the fullness of spirit.

Several years ago my friend was on a busy road, she saw a Northern Flicker (form of woodpecker) had been hit by a car and was laying on the center line, breathing heavily.



She raced home for a towel and upon returning, the bird was still there.  She carefully picked up the bird with a towel. She held it close. It’s breathing became less labored.  She took it home, fed it a peanut butter and water mixture with a dropper and laid it in a box with towels.  It was next to an open bathroom window as it was cold outside. She wanted Flicker to feel as if it was in nature’s temperature.  The bird recovered after being stunned by the car, but more stunned by the love a human showed it. The next day she released the bird.  It immediately flew directly into the neighbor’s nine light door and slid to the ground. Flicker was stunned and possibly injured again.  My friend ran to it. She cradled it against her, and said “NOT ready”. With two additional days of nurturing and feeding the Flicker seemed fully alert. 

She took it outside, this time she released it in a wide open space. I watched in awe as Flicker flew to a branch on a large tree. Flicker sat a minute, then flew away revived and recovered.  We were joyful.  Later that morning a white hawk flew into the yard.  White hawks are rare indeed.  It flew to the exact branch flicker flew to and sat there all afternoon. It did not move. It seemed to be saying thank you. 

Hawk as a totem animal is one who brings messages from Spirit in Native American culture.  White represents, purity, holiness and spirituality.  Did spirit appear in my friend’s yard that day? Was it a coincidence or was it synchronicity?  I say the relationship between my friend and her animals is profound. It always has been.  I say the white hawk in Georgia was a thank you from spirit to the healing of Flicker, a kindred animal spirit. That a human would care enough to go back to that street and pick up the traumatized bird and attempt to help it might have been significant enough to earn a response. After the healing happened I believe spirit responded in the form of the white hawk. Once again, it’s the little things that are the big things. It felt like significant gratitude.

Here is a picture of the White Hawk:


I was Traveling the Boston to NYC route with my colleague and friend Don this week.  We spent a lot of windshield time together so we conversed about almost everything. I was chattering on (imagine that) about synchronicity and he was listening patiently, as my friends do.  Anyway, I was talking about Holosyncing and synchronicity and before you know it Don was doing an alternative form of holosycing in his Hotel room Sunday night. He found it on-line. He comes out charging Monday morning saying he was “Crashing through walls” after doing the sample 15 minutes six times straight. I thought here we go! 

He said, “Jan, I think I had some synchronicity last night.” I said tell me.   Before he picked me up in Boston he had looked up an old friend.  He googled where he lived and considered going to see him prior to picking me up at the airport. He ran out of time so he didn’t go. After he did his alternative holosyncing, he got up and checked his e-mail late at night. Sure enough, out of the blue (or was it?) that specific friend that he hadn’t communicated with in months had sent him a LinkedIn invite.  Was that chance?  I say it was synchronicity.  He was thinking of his friend and his friend in turn picked up on it and sent Don the invite.  It was a good moment for me. I was able to share my thoughts with someone who recognized it might be true.

 Throughout the next few days we kept hearing this talking point about developing a "partner ecosystem” around the selling process. I liked it. It resonated. I had never heard it put that way before. We then heard that term in every single meeting from Boston to Watertown CT, to Bethlehem PA, into Newark NJ and then the next day in NYC.   Do you think I was meant to hear this term?   Synchronicity?  Well..YES!  Does synchronicity build upon itself?  I think it does.  We ended our Wednesday on the penthouse floor of One Penn Tower overlooking the Hudson with an absolutely phenomenal meeting.  All those affirmations along the way. Just saying.

One more thing before I sign off of this post. Two weeks ago I was in the Carolina’s for meetings.  I was at my sister’s house and took a long walk on the Greenbelt.  I saw many turtles.  I thought “maybe they are meant to be spirit guides for me today.  What am I to learn”?  Then I said no-they are standard for the Greenbelt around the lakes.  Don’t overthink it Jan. The next day I was leaving my sister’s house and almost tripped over this guy emerging from the pine straw. 




He was a big boy indeed.  I said okay I get it. Maybe the turtle did cross my path for a reason.  Maybe the turtles on the greenbelt were like, Gezz she doesn’t get it so we will send in one she absolutely cannot miss!  Needless to say I looked up the Turtle Animal Totem to check out the characteristics of the turtle. The synchronicity was seeing so many and then this one.  What lesson was the turtle modeling to me?

Synchronicity is no stranger to me. The more you observe it the more it happens.  Open yourself up to the possibilities of it. To spirit and to what you can learn about yourself and your experience on this planet.  It may open doors you never knew were closed.

Until next time.

Peace out.