Mad Science or Reality? Quantum Entanglement.

Identical Twins come from one egg fertilized by one sperm.  The embryo splits and two fetuses grow. They are born. Let’s say they were adopted at birth by different families and were separated. Even though, they tend to think similar thoughts, attend similar schools, marry similar people, have similar tendencies and can even die at similar times under similar circumstances.  Why is that?

May I suggest- Quantum Entanglement.  Defined as:  Two particles born out of one reaction (or two particles that interacted through a collision) remain connected, no matter how distant from each other. A change in the status of one particle instantaneously causes a change in the status in the other.  Einstein called it “Spooky action at a distance”.

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Scientists all over the world have conducted experiments using particles like electrons and photons that interact physically together as one, but when separated, they behave as if they are still together. For example, you spin one electron, the other electron will act in the exact same manner simultaneously as if they are still physically connected. In our reality, the universe is the entangled system and everything is interconnected. 

It gets even weirder.   Glenn Contrarian is his article: Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Biology, and a Hunch about the Human Condition says the following:

“Sympathy pains which is called Couvade syndrome, is when a partner feels the pains of their significant other:  stomach pain, indigestion, insomnia.  Some husbands of pregnant women can grow a belly like a 7-month pregnant woman.  Could this be entanglement?  Or the instance where a woman suddenly “knew” when something bad happened to her child or her husband, or the identical twins who were raised apart but led almost identical lives.”

He goes on “Don’t stop there.  Flocks of Starlings, flying in formation, all turning, swooping, diving at seemingly the same time- or schools of fish swimming doing the same thing. The University of Oxford and the University of Singapore published indications that migratory birds use quantum entanglement to navigate.” 

How cool is this?  So here are a few examples I personally experienced.  I will be writing my blog and I come up with a word to describe something.  Recently I used the word “Dusty”.  It was the perfect word for what I was trying to say. Later that day—I see my friend.  She uses the word “Dusty”.  Really?  Neither of us say dusty—yet we did that day.  Or I will have a conversation with my father and this same friend comes over and will say the exact random thing I talked with my father about and state almost exactly what he said.   Our running joke is “What, are you reading my e-mails?  How did you know that?” It got so weird I contemplated changing my password because it seemed impossible for her to know these things. Entanglement.  A feeling of relating to someone or something because your lives at some point collided. These connections, this knowledge is “spooky at a distance.”    We feel what the other feels. We know what the other knows.  Some connections are that strong.


Okay back to the MAD Scientist I am becoming.  Here is my “Spooky2 Lab” Some of you know this already about me and good naturedly tease me. My travel colleagues especially, but I know deep inside you want to be involved and you love me anyway.  Just saying.   We know I am a curious person, an advocate for good health and wellness.   It is interesting how my six generators got used up with other people’s fingernails.



 I bought a Spooky2 Rife machine back in October 2016.  I downloaded some free software written by a group of psychists and electronics engineers who have a desire to help the world become healthier.    Dr. Raymond Royal Rife in 1932 developed the first Universal Microscope capable of seeing a live virus.  It was his belief that everything has a “Frequency”. This much we know is true.  If you can identify the frequency of a disease or condition (virus, bacteria, condition etc.) you can kill or it heal it with the proper frequency in kind.

This is done through electronics.  As I have said in other blogs, we are bio-electrical beings. We respond to the electrical frequencies in which our world operates. Like your Urine PH with Earthing.

Here is how my Spooky works based on remote Quantum Entanglement. Let’s talk DNA. DNA is unique to every single person.  No two people have the exact same DNA.  I take a fingernail from a person which contains their DNA.   I put it in my spooky remote which contains a magnetic north electronic device.

IMG_6042 (1).jpg

 I attach it to my generator and turn it on.  That piece of DNA finds “like DNA” no matter where in the world it is. The DNA my remote finds- is the DNA from the exact person who gave me the fingernail.  By hitting the local fingernail with a frequency generated by the software, it also by default hits the person from whom it came. It is physics.  Quantum Entanglement.

Example: Say I start getting a cold.  I put my fingernail in a generator, and I start running remotely cold and flu frequencies on myself.  That little piece of fingernail containing my DNA finds me wherever I am and the frequency hopefully treats my condition. If I selected the right frequency. Sounds easy.  It’s not because it is a guessing game to determine which frequency needs to be run.  If I get it right I may get better.  I have 5200 frequencies to choose from. There may be 10 for cold and flu. So, you see my dilemma.  In recent years Rife Machines of many kinds are used by Cancer patients and Lyme disease patients many experiencing healing.

I have learned over the past few months after blindly running preset frequencies (which I did at the beginning); I must run an 11-day frequency detox first. Clear the body of toxins.  This also addresses that pesty little Epigenetic issue I may have regarding the proper way to detox and eliminate toxins.

 I will leave you with one success I have had using spooky.    

Over Thanksgiving last year, I ran the 11-day detox on myself.  I completed the 11 days with little issue.

To be a Hospice volunteer I am required to get an annual TB test.  Last year was my first year. I had the test and I was positive for TB exposure at some point in my life.  I had a chest x-ray and I was fine, no active TB. I had “Latent TB” meaning I had been exposed but it was not active.  It took 35 days for the inflammation from the test to disappear. You do not get “rid” of latent TB by doing nothing.  The chance of it becoming full blown is 5-10% in your life. The only way to rid yourself of it is to take a course of the drug Isoniazid for three to nine months which my doctor and I chose not to do. This year 2017- I go for my annual TB test and I tell them I have latent TB as a disclosure.  They give me the test.  There is NO SIGN of TB 48 hours later. No inflammatory reaction, nothing. They gave it to me twice. Both times same result.  The only difference in my life was that I did an 11-day frequency detox. Somehow, one of those frequencies addressed the latent TB.   There was no other change in my medical condition.

It certainly got my attention.  I am open to the world of possibilities with Quantum Entanglement and Health. Frankly, I am fascinated.

“I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.”

-Albert Einstein

Until Next time.

Sat Nam.