Does your biography become your biology? Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss says yes.

Dr. Norm Shealy, MD, PHD called Caroline Myss, a Medical Intuitive one day to consult on a patient. The patient, a young dentist came to Norm complaining of abdominal pain.  Norm ran a test for pancreatic cancer which came back negative. He called Caroline for a consultation. As was their practice Norm only gave her the patient’s name, age and nothing more.  In her evaluation, she saw the right side of the patient’s body, around the pancreas, was generating toxic energy.  She told Norm that this man was burdened by an enormous feeling of responsibility and that it had become a constant source of anguish for him. He felt intensely that he was unable to live as he wanted and he dwelled on this feeling.

After telling Norm this, she told him the patient had pancreatic cancer.  Norm says he suspected the same and that the test came back all clear.   Norm recommended to the dentist he needed to make changes. The dentist admitted he wanted to leave dentistry but felt he couldn’t because this decision would impact his dependents.   Norm did not tell him he had the energy frequency of pancreatic cancer, but he talked with him about his career frustrations. Unfortunately, the man was unable to act on Norm’s advice.  He defined responsibility as care for others to the exclusion of himself.  Two weeks later the man’s primary physician repeated the test for pancreatic cancer. This time it was positive. He had surgery and was dead within four months.

We know from Quantum Physicists there is the existence of an electromagnetic field generated by the body’s biological processes. Your physical body is surrounded by an energy field that extends out as far as your outstretched arms and the full length of your body. 

Before the body produces a physical illness, energy indicators, such as prolonged lethargy and depression, tell us we are losing vitality.

Frequently, medical test indicates nothing is wrong because they cannot yet identify anything happening on the physical level.  Conventional medical tests have no way of measuring energy loss. More recently conventional medicine is recognizing the link between energy or spiritual dysfunction and illness.

Practitioners of energy medicine believe that the human energy field contains and reflects your energy. It carries the emotional energy created by our internal and external experiences-positive and negative.  This emotional force influences the physical tissue within our bodies.  In this way, your biography becomes your biology.

Experiences that carry emotional energy in our energy systems include:  past and present relationships, both personal, professional; profound or traumatic experience and memories, belief patterns and attitudes, including all spiritual and superstitious beliefs.  The emotions from these experiences are encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissue, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions.  These energy impressions form an energy language, which carries literal and symbolic information that a medical intuitive can read.

When Caroline started medical intuitive readings in the 80s a lady came to her and said “Caroline I know I have a serious cancer.  I know this.  Can you tell me why this is happening to me?”

Caroline thought “how would I know?” when suddenly she was flushed with an energy she never felt before.  It moved through her body, as if it were pushing her aside and using her voice.   She could no longer see the woman in front of her.  She felt as if she were shrunk down to the size of a dime and ordered to “stand watch”.    A voice spoke through her to this woman and it said this:

“Let me walk you back through your life and through each of the relationships of your life.  Let me walk with you through all the fears you’ve had, and let me show you how those fears controlled you for so long that the energy of life could no longer nurture you.

This “presence” escorted this woman through every detail of her life and I mean every detail.  It recalled the smallest of conversations, it recounted moments of great loneliness in which she had wept by herself, it remembered every relationship that had meaning for her.  This “presence” left the impression that every second of our lives- every mental, emotional, creative, physical and even resting activity with which we fill those seconds-is somehow known and recorded. Every judgement we make is noted.  Every attitude we hold is a source of positive or negative power for which we are accountable.

The point being our energy field and what it contains affects our biology.  Interpreting the body’s energy is sometimes called “vibrational medicine.”  If a person is aware and can sense intuitively that he or she is losing energy because of a stressful situation, and acts to correct that loss of energy, the likelihood of that stress developing into physical crisis is reduced. 

The body’s intention is to promote its own health and life.  As a rule, a person’s energy system transmits only the information that is essential to bring the conscious mind to an awareness of the imbalance.   If for example, we tell a lie, our energy field will often communicate to the other person the “energy fact” that we are not telling the truth.  Energy does not and cannot lie.

This confirms what I already know that our physical body is not the only thing we need to keep healthy and robust.  We need to pay attention to our energy which contains our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual natures.   It’s a totality of these elements that make us who we are.  We need to learn to listen to our energies, our gut instincts and not ignore them just because we don’t like what they are saying.

You know when you meet someone and you just don’t have a good feeling?  Not like it’s a bad feeling, but you know something’s up with them?  Listen to that.  I have walked into hospice rooms and been taken back by negative feeling energy in the room only to later find out the person was addict and did some horrible things.  Or the time I took my Dog Effie into a room to visit a patient and Effie immediately started to gag and attempted to vomit.    The energy was off and Effie noticed instantly as animals tend to do.

Other ways for me to gauge my energetic health is via my dreams. I hear doorbells, cell phone ring and I know Spirit has a dream message for me.  There are times your spirit, your energy is screaming at you almost knocking you down trying to get your attention and yet we choose not to listen. Maybe it manifests as intense loneliness, homesickness, feelings of emotional discomfort, visual perception of "places" is off,  or isolation even in a group or with another person. Maybe it's a feeling of caution, or alertness you typically don’t experience.  Listen to those signs. Recognize them and start processing why you are feeling this way.   Start taking note of where you hurt. Your back, knee, neck, hip, stomach, head, heart, colon or your skin and start discovering what those parts of your body “mean” and why energy is directed at those spots.  My best guess is it correlates with an emotion, an action or with a way of living that no longer serves you.

Caroline calls this gaining Symbolic Sight the ability to use your intuition to interpret the power symbols in your life. As a starting point, she offers the following.

1)      Learn to interpret your life’s challenges Symbolically. Find meaning in them.  Observe where you lose power and where you feel the loss.

2)      Think of yourself as an energy being and as a physical one.  Develop the habit of evaluating the people, experiences, and information you allow into your life.   Remember if you have a private agenda, that is you want to see things a certain way—you will interfere with your reception of energy information.

3)      Conduct a self-energy evaluation daily. Don’t wait until you get sick to attend to yourself. Learn to sense the stress in your energy field and take steps to heal it.

4)      If you discover an energy leak, focus on the essentials that can help you recover your energy.  Ask “Why am I losing power.”  Always strive to see beyond the physical components of a crisis.

5)      Learn what- not who draws power from you.  Know that the person who seems to draw your energy is really a reflection of some part of yourself.    When you erroneously conclude that a specific person is the cause of your feeling depleted you are slipping into fear and blame.  Refocus on your power center until you get the impression of what kind of power that person has in relation to you. Set your sights on the lesson not the teacher.

6)      Simplify your requirements for healing.  Think of illness as a power disorder. Organize your healing around learning from the sacred truth that applies to your situation.

7)      Simplify your spirituality.  Know that all circumstances can change as the Divine is not limited to our space and time. Be consistent and live what you believe. Change is constant learn to go with the flow of change rather than stop it from occurring.  Never look to another person to make you happy-happiness is an internal, personal attitude and responsibility.

This is just the start of medical intuition and understanding our power/energy fields. It makes sense.

Until next time,

Sat nam.


(Most of the above with few exceptions is taken directly from Caroline Myss’s book “Anatomy of the Spirit”.  It is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It took me months to read, underline and process the contents in the book. If you are interested in this topic and so inclined BUY THIS BOOK.)