Earthing. Is "the common shoe" perhaps the "world's most dangerous invention?"

I am so excited about this blog! I have been doing testing on this concept for three days this week. The results?  Nothing short of amazing.   I was introduced to “Earthing” several years ago by my friend Melissa. I kind of blew it off.  Recently I was thinking how I could aid my neck and back in healing. I was laying on my massage table at my house. The table is in the same room as a shelf full of books. My eye settled on a book titled “Earthing”.  My interest was immediate.  The title resonated with me.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Earthing is the reconnection of our bodies with the earth.  Direct skin contact with the earth, or conductive sheets, pads, linked by a wire to a ground rod outside your house or office.  Stay with me this is exciting stuff!

 “Earthing” by Clint Ober, Stephen Sinatra, M.D., Martin Zucker (A must read)

“The earth is a six sextillion (six followed by 21 zeros) metric ton battery that is continually replenished by solar radiation, lightning (5,000 strikes per minute somewhere in the world) and heat from its molten core.” 

Basically the earth is an electrical planet.  Humans are bioelectrical beings. Just like the earth, humans are made mostly of water and minerals.  A great conductor of electrical energy.  The Earth’s electrical energy maintains the order of our own bodily frequencies.  Chinese Qi, (pronounced Chee) or life energy is said to come from the Heavenly Qi which is the sun and moon energies, moon controlling our tides.  Also the Earth Qi, which is made up of lines and patterns of energy, as well as the Earth’s magnetic field and heat concealed underground.  We all agree with that for the most part right?

The movement of nutrients and water into cells is regulated by electric fields, and each type has its own instability and electrical subsystems operating with your bioelectrical body. This includes your movements, behaviors and actions which are energized by electricity.

“Earthing naturally protects the body’s bioelectrical Circuitry against static electrical charges and interference.  It facilitates the reception of free electrons, stabilizing electrical signals and energy of the earth.  Earthing remedies an electrical instability and electron deficiency you never knew you had.  It refills and recharges your body with something you never knew you were missing or needed.”  Our bodies are full of free radicals. The free electrons from the earth help balance those out in our bioelectric systems.

Earthing results in significant improvement -even total transformation in health and vitality.

When we disconnect from the earth our bodies seem vulnerable and prone to dysfunction, inflammation-related disease and accelerated aging.  This theory is beginning to gather scientific momentum.

Okay enough of the technical for now. When you wear shoes the majority of soles are made of plastic, rubber, synthetic materials.  These are non-conductive materials. Wood and glass are also nonconductive.  The polyester, the synthetic athletic clothes we wear do not conduct electricity.  We sure do look good but we are not connecting to the earth.  The carpet in our houses, the modern floor coverings, the beds we sleep in, the furniture we sit on, all are non-conductive to the healing earth energies.  The cars we drive due to the rubber tires are also nonconductive.  We spend a great deal of time being disconnected from the earth.  We are not getting the electrical corrections we need. We are not accessing the free electrons that can make us well because of where we live, what we live in, what we wear on our bodies and our feet.  Period.

We wonder why inflammation is so rampant right now.  Everything we read is about inflammation causing heart disease, Alzheimer’s, back pain, headaches, lupus, arthritis and almost any other disease you can think of.

 Yeah well no lie people, we are completely disconnecting with the earth’s electrical grid.    Now as we know, I sell power and cooling to data centers.  I can assure you I want the power grid to be connected to my data centers.  I can also assure you I want the earth’s power grid connected to my bioelectrical body. Absolutely.  In comparison the sun provides us with vitamin D, the earth provides us with Vitamin G.  “Grounding” Earthing…it can change your life.

Can you tell I buy into this?  Hook, line and sinker ya’ll.  I am on board!

Take your shoes off and walk in the grass.  Go lay on the beach, swim in the ocean, lake or river. Put your feet in the mud and let the sun shine on your face.  Get yourself connected.  We live in a disconnected world from the earth, get reconnected.  This doesn’t mean when you go hiking and wear hiking boots you are reconnected. You are not. The rubber, plastic soles of my hiking boots are not conductive to the earth’s electric grid. You need to be barefoot or you need to use a grounding alternative.  Grounding alternatives include a pad, a wrist band, a sheet, a bed made of conductive material and connected to a grounding outlet in your home.  Using the home ground to put yourself in connection to the earth.        

There is a book titled “Earthing” written by the authors I quoted above. This guy Clint Ober was a cable dude and knows all about grounding. He did astounding studies on grounding people to the earth and their improved health. This book is full of examples of this. Way too many to go into but know they are out there if you wish to pursue.  He set out to prove, that the earth’s healing free electrons can help heal our bodies.   Our personal body voltage should be close to zero.  It is not for most if not all of us.  I decided to test myself for my personal voltage.  Both before and after grounding. 

Being the genius that I am I went to Youtube to see how to do it.  I needed a multi-meter to start my test.


Next, there is a method of measuring Electrical volts in your body just as you are.  Then you can measure how those volts are affected by being connected to the earth or to a conductive pad, grounded into your grounding wall outlet.  I tested all kinds of situations in my own home. I was trying to get my volts to zero or as close to zero as I could. This indicates I am connecting to the earth, receiving those free healing electrons.

Here are the tools I needed to obtain:

A multimeter to measure volts. 


Power strip with a grounding light to verify my outlet had grounding which it did.


Set up:   White alligator wire attaches to conductive pad via a button connection and then connects to the power outlet via the ground, the little u shaped plug under the two prong plug.


 Set up on massage table:  This is a second story room.  So two stories above the ground. The farther up from the ground the higher the voltage seemed to be. 


Test:   Before I laid on the pad with my bare back (must be direct skin contact on conductive pad) I took my multimeter and plugged the black prong into the ground, (small round plug under the two pronged plug) and the held the red prong between my fingers to measure my body volts before laying on the conductive pad.   Keeping in mind earth is zero or balanced.  Results:  4.7 volts.  I am a high voltage girl!


I proceeded to lay bareback on the pad which was grounded into the power strip which is grounded into my home’s electrical ground system into the earth. See the astounding result.



 This my friends is the difference between being grounded and not being grounded. Earthing.  It is grounding yourself into the earth so that your body voltage is balanced to the earth’s voltage, the earth’s electrical system. Allowing the earth to provide your body with the free electrons you need to be balanced and healthy.  Let the earth heal you.  It is the loss of this connection, these free electrons that makes us CRAZY, unhealthy, not balanced, aching and anxiety struck.   Our electrical systems are not in sync.  The testing and case studies the book talks about relates directly to health and all kind of ailments that have been improved with simple grounding/earthing.  This includes:  high blood pressure, chronic pain, lupus, psoriasis, inflammation, Cardiac issues (A fib), stress Varicose veins and more!

Get the book to read more. Fascinating read.

Below is a Thermal photograph taken from the book illustrating inflammation.  These two photos were taken 30 minutes apart.  They represent the impact of Earthing. The results are obvious.



I tested this concept because my lower back has been aching while I correct my spine.  I was traveling in car for hours and I was hurting. I came home and set up the test and meditated.   By the end of the hour, my lower back was considerably less achy.  I know it sounds woo woo, but I am telling you woo woo is good. We are just uneducated on some of these concepts. Once we know better we do better.  That is my hope for all of us.

Remember, the earth is an electrical planet and we are bioelectric beings. Most things out of balance usually produce poor results.   This balance with the earth can occur when you are barefoot walking in the grass, dirt, mud or sand.   Because our lifestyles do not allow for much of that it is important to ground yourself in other ways. While you sit at your desk with a wrist band connected to an alligator cord into a grounding outlet, a bed pad, a bed sheet or any available option in which to keep yourself grounded as much as possible.

Try it.  If you do, let me know your results as I am very interested in this concept.  The more you ground the healthier you will be.  I would start with a bed sheet that way you are grounded all night.  I use a grounding mat in bed until my sheet arrives and I use a wrist band at my desk all day.  This is fascinating to me.  I have a short list of aliments to monitor over the next few weeks. I will let you know my results.

If you are interested in trying some earthing products just know there are many knock offs on Amazon. Clint’s original earthing products are only sold through distribution.  I called the largest US distributor to check them out and they are legit. 

Here is the link to their website.

Join me and let’s get reconnected to the earth!

To end I would like to share this quote.

“No man is as wise as Mother Earth.  She has witnessed every human day, every human struggle, every human pain, and every human joy. For maladies of both body and spirit, the wise ones of old pointed man to the hills.  For man too is of the dust and Mother Earth Stands ready to nurture and heal her children.”

-Anasazi Foundation, The Seven Paths:  Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World

 Until next time.

Peace out.