BIKE WEEK-Telluride, CO Come on Fat Boy get Low...

I was driving Route 400 north outside the Atlanta Perimeter and WHOOSH--two Ninja's flew by me going at least 110 mph.   Not only was I scared I was mad.   If I had changed lanes without seeing them it would have been over and not for me. I am not saying, I am just saying.


Nick Boyer, Denver Colorado HOG member


Jan Erickson, Atlanta, GA   Non-HOG member


Harley "Fat Boy Low"  (Nick's bike)

 Bike Week Myrtle Beach May 13-May 22, Bike Week Telluride June 23-25,  Bike Week PA July 7-10,  Bike Week Ohio May 22-29.  The list goes on.

Okay here's the deal.  There are two kinds of riders outside of your mopeds (I owned a white one in high school.  Well really my parents loaned it to me), scooters and dirt bikes.  There are the Ninja crotch rockets and the HOG riders (Harley Owner Groups).  Of course there are Honda and BMW touring bikes but I know very little in general about them. 

What I do know is that I am NOT attending Telluride Bike week.  I just wanted ya'll to think I was cool. Maybe you thought I was a covert member of Hell's Angels or the Pagans. You get it, my role would be running the Toys for Tots campaign for these guys (and gals) which they participate in at Christmas. Not so.  Now I am simply a bike rider, TREK bike that is.

Back to my point.

Ninja riders weaving in and out of traffic are a death wish waiting to happen.  It seems to be a game and it needs to stop. Did you ever notice how the po-po (what we call the po-lice in GA) never seem to catch the Ninja riders?  Why is that?  Maybe because they are going 110 mph through traffic. You hear of enough crashes with these folks for sure. 

Then we have the Harley and touring machine riders. They travel in groups and go the speed limit. They generally seem to enjoy riding through the most beautiful parts of our country.  We do have the subset of these peeps and they are Hell's Angel and the Pagans.  What they do and how they do it I have no knowledge of and its best that way. Since I don't pack and it's a known fact I am a wuss I keep my distance.

Recently I was in Denver on business. When there I stay at the Boyer Hotel. (Nick Boyer Hotel). Complete with fresh towels, fresh linens, fine coffee and CO mountain air.  Nick owns a Harley Fat Boy Low. I was complaining to him about the Ninja riders.  I asked Nick what do you think is the motorcyclist's responsibility?  He said to make yourself visible and to obey the laws of the road.  Translated, you don't weave in and out of traffic at 110 mph.  What if you scared grandma to death?  Not good on 285 in Atlanta, not good at all. 

The responsibility of the car driver is to treat the motorcyclists as an equal on the road as we are equals.  We should all obey the laws so everyone is safe.  It is the few who ruin it for the many.  I know of many friends who know folks injured in motorcycle accidents. We need to pay attention and remember always: It's our brothers, husbands, partners, sisters and nephew/nieces who choose to ride. Let's be attentive while driving  during the months of May, June and July when the Bike Weeks are happening around the country.  I certainly want Nick and his brothers who are all HOG riders to be safe. 

Quote from a rider at AZ Bike Week:

“We just want you to take a look for us and have some concern for us. We are respectful riders and we want to share the road — we want to have a good time,” Seltzer said.

Hey Seltzer...I think we can do it.  Be safe ya'll.

Until next time.

Peace out.