MATI Energy or Coffee Energy...Should Baby Boomers consider switching?

We Baby Boomers love our Coffee!  I love everything about coffee, the preparation, the aroma, the taste of organic Whole Foods Vienna Roast and then the act of drinking the brew. Uh huh.  Yeah, it doesn’t get much better than the early morning ritual of drinking coffee.  That includes the afternoon espresso and the comraderie of drinking coffee with a friend.

I never questioned my allegiance to coffee until now.   That is, until my good looking nephew said…

Say hello to MATI Energy!


MATI Citrus Flavor

MATI Citrus Flavor


 Meet Jacob Burt.  My nephew.   I am thinking he may have inherited some of my smarts and intuition for business so to speak. He got it from someone, quite possibly me.  He knows a good product when he sees it just like his Aunt Jan.   I know it’s a shameless plug for my nephew. 


He is Student at NC State University studying Entrepreneurship.  This brings him in close contact with many local start ups in the Raleigh Area.   Currently he is working with the high growth start up MATI Energy, an all-natural healthy energy drink made in NC.   He is a MATI Ambassador. His role is to manage a team of nine college students throughout NC to drive grass roots sales across the state.

This summer he is an intern who shadows the president of MATI.  He is learning about all aspects of the business.

Here is what’s cool about MATI.

#1  Tatiana Birgisson, the founder and CEO, is only 26 years old. She graduated from Duke University. While at Duke she struggled with depression.  She needed energy so she worked with various teas to extract as much caffeine as possible. She added healthy nutrients and juices.   She created a brew.

#2  The Brew, now called MATI, in 2016 made INC’s 30 under 30 list.  That’s a big deal ya’ll.  See Link to INC’s 30 under 30

 (Jacob is in the video—my nephew, the one who may have inherited my traits in case you forgot)

#3  In the past five years MATI is now the number one selling energy drink in Whole Foods in NC.  MATI is entering Whole Foods in the SE, Kroger Stores, Earth Fare Stores and several other chains.   MATI has more “energy” than Red Bull. 

At the end of the day, Red Bull sounds pedestrian to me.  Say it out loud a couple of times in row. Red Bull, Red Bull-you feel me?   MATI sounds a bit more sophisticated.  More like a health drink from South America. I like the ring.

Now back to why I would consider MATI over my beloved Coffee addiction.

MATI is made of fresh juices, tea, nutrients and water.  Key ingredient is from the GUAYUSA plant found growing in Equador.

Guaysusa plant

Guaysusa plant

It is nicknamed the “Night Watchman” by Amazon Tribesmen who consume it to stay up all nights on hunts.  It is also the morning brew of the tribe.




These dudes sure do look like they have been up all night drinking Guayusa! (or smoking it one of the two)

Guayusa is the second most caffeinated plant in the world behind coffee beans. However, it is rich in antioxidants, theanine and lots of chlorogenic acids (the natural compounds that are popular for aiding in the loss of body fat).

According to Dr. David Williams who produces an on-line health newsletter:

“Guayusa teas have recently become available in the US. Guayusa contains theanine.   Theanine is a relaxant that promotes the production of GABA. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation without sedation.  Theanine crosses the blood brain barrier.   It helps the brain to focus and improves memory.   Theanine also decreases the level of serotonin,  levels that have been artificially elevated by caffeine.”

“In effect, theanine combined with caffeine in green and guayusa teas provides all the benefits of caffeine, alertness, concentration, speed of perception, and improved task performance without any of caffeine’s downsides”.

So I tried it.  I drink my 1.5 cups of Whole Foods Vienna Roast in the morning .  I drink my MATI about 1:00 in the afternoon.  So far it’s working for me. I like the Citrus Flavor so much, that sometimes when I get up in the morning —I want to drink the MATI.  Eekk!

 Now I am torn. What to do—which to drink?

I do know I have a desire to be healthy. I have a desire to support small businesses in the US. I like the concept of a company making a product that helped solve a personal problem (depression) and sharing that solution with other like minded people.  I also like the fact that my nephew is involved with something so exciting!

Even if you are NOT an Amazon tribesmen, if you have a hankering to try something new,  pick up a four pack or 12 pack of MATI on 

My shameless promotion is now over.

Until next time,

Peace out.


PS.  Since I wrote this post I went out to order another 12 pack on Amazon and they were sold out of the 12 pack.  I texted Jacob and he said the orders are flying in the door. Wow!