EMFs are they the next Cigarettes?

You can’t see it and you can’t feel it.  EMF is an Electromagnetic Field.  EMFs are everywhere and increasing in quantity and strength. What we don’t know can hurt us. Think Cigarettes.  Are you a good digital citizen?  Do you even know to be aware?

If you grew up in the 70s remember when your parents didn’t want to live under the high voltage power lines?    Or near them for that matter?  High Voltage power lines deliver low levels of EMF radiation.  Did those power lines cause cancer in children and other illnesses?  Maybe. Power companies recommend staying at least 200 meters from a high voltage line.  That is two football fields away.  

Fast forward to 2018 to Wi-fi networks.

I took the following data from the ABC program titled “Wi-Fried”.  I also used collected data from Dr. Joseph Mercola who frequently warns of issues associated with EMFs. I read many studies regarding the EMF conversation and found it compelling.

What is Electrosmog?  Think wireless networks connecting laptops, desktops, tablets, cell phones, printers, Alexa, video cameras, streaming TV, streaming video and security feeds.  Think IOT (internet of things) connecting anything and everything to wi-fi so you can control appliances and devices all from the convenience of your cell phone.   

Here’s the thing.  All these devices and the wireless technology used to connect them, emit low level radiation. Each version of Wireless from G1 to G4 have increased exponentially the amount of EMF produced. We have heard for years that cell phone usage is connected to cancer and other health issues. We ignore it for many reasons.  We might not believe it or don’t want to believe it.  We like the convenience of our technology. We are addicted to our technology.  Industry tell us it is safe, or safe enough. The EPA in 2017 say non-ionizing radiation can’t hurt you, however, take heed of the recommendations they make until they do more research. They say there is no real conclusive evidence that EMF radiation is harmful to the body.  This is simply not true. There are thousands of studies starting back in the early 90s that prove otherwise. The recent studies are much more serious and I suggest we pay attention.

Move on to the 10K reports from three large carriers.

Posted by Verizon, AT&T and China Mobile in their 10K reports in 2014.   Not 2018...2014.


“We are subject to significant amounts of litigation, which could require us to pay significant damages or settlements.

…Our wireless business also faces personal injury and consumer class action lawsuits relating to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters and class action lawsuit that challenge marketing practices and disclosures relating to alleged adverse health effects of handheld wireless phones.


“As we deploy newer technologies, especially in the wireless area, we also face current and potential litigation relating to alleged adverse health effects on customers or employees who use such technologies, including for example, wireless headsets.”

China Mobile, United States

“Actual or perceived health risks associated with the use of mobile devices could materially impair our ability to maintain and attract customers, reduce wireless telecommunications usage or result in litigation.

…we cannot be certain that future studies, irrespective of their relative reliability or trustworthiness, will not impute a link between electromagnetic fields and adverse health effects.”

Clearly, they know it’s a problem. Just like cigarette manufacturers knew it 1949 smoking was a problem. These companies know there are associated health issues, but the money and the market is large.  In 2017, 478 billion dollars was generated in phone sales.  247 billion was generated in phone Advertising sales.  In 2017 there were 4.77 billion cell phone users worldwide, expected to top 5 billion in 2019.  There are only 7.442 billion people in the world. All these folks use wireless networks.  All these folks use devices and multiple devices in many cases.

Follow the money.

It is harmful and here is why. “We are electrical beings. The body is a complex communication device where cells talk, tissue talks, organs talk, and organisms talk.  The communication includes finely tuned transmitters and receivers like a finely tuned radio. What happens when you expose a radio to external noise?  You get static- and that is what’s happening to your body in today’s electro smog environment.

Here is the Brain on a mobile phone.


Remember this diagram when your young child is constantly using social media on a cell phone or watching movies with a tablet resting on their belly.  Remember this when the baby monitor is right next to your newborn’s crib.  Remember this when the power company installs a smart meter on your home.  Also Remember there are healthy alternatives!

EMFs affect your body’s bioelectrical system.  It is a cumulative effect.

“EMF radiation, like cell phones, affects your DNA by causing Calcium leakage into your cells.  This causes massive mitochondrial dysfunction due to damage done by free radicals from peroxynitrate that also cause single and double stranded breaks in your DNA.”

-Dr. Joseph Mercola

Peroxynitrate damage is not good.  It causes neuronal degeneration leading to cell death. This is turn causes all kinds of issues from stroke, cancer, inflammation, heart issues and Alzheimer’s. The degeneration of the cell weakens the overall body allowing disease conditions to take over. This is because the body is compromised thus unable to fight well.    It’s the big Gorilla in the room.  There are things we can control like healthy eating, exercise, toxin removal from our home environment and sleep hygiene.  I suggest we take a closer look at EMFs as well.  

This is a good website to learn more and read some of the latest studies. 

Frank Clegg is the former head of Microsoft Canada.  Today he runs an organization whose mission is to educate people on the dangers of EMFs.  He says the safety standards are not in place.  Big Business says, non-thermal (EMF) radiation does not cause harm.  Thousands of studies on EMFs indicate that they do.  Frank says China, Russia, Italy and Switzerland have 100x the safety standards in place versus Canada. I would say the US as well, since we still can’t decide if EMFs are harmful. (EPA)

Switzerland passed legislation to remove all wi-fi networks from nurseries and day care centers knowing the affects EMFs have on developing brains.  In schools they are replacing wi-fi with wired Lan technology.  

When we talk 5G soon to be coming out from the carriers we are entering a whole new ball game. Due to the proliferation of devices, we have bandwidth issues and slower network traffic.  The carriers promote 5G to be the fix.  Know this, there are 200,000 cell towers in place today.  To deliver this Ultra-fast, next gen technology 5G, a tower or antenna will need to be placed every 12 houses. This means millions of new cell towers to handle the traffic. This is called “densification”. This means more cells, mid cells, pico cells and metro cells.  Much more EMF at much higher pulsing rates.

Not a cell or antenna in my yard right?  You don’t have a say where they go.  5G is 10x faster than 4G…but at what price? 

What can you do to protect yourself?  I will share what I have done as I have been made aware of the EMF issues.

1)       I plug my laptop directly into my Comcast router with an ethernet cable like the old days.  Blazing fast!  I called Comcast and learned how to disable my wi-fi in my home.  It is super easy. If I have guests I simply turn it back on if needed.   If you have kids pick a time and at least turn off the router during the night.  Unplug it.  Wi-fi pulses constantly. It’s the pulsing which adds to the stress on your body.

2)       I turned off Wi-fi on my phone. 4G from Verizon is so powerful I still get all my emails and phone calls on my phone. I don’t need to “double down” by having wi-fi on in the house as well.

3)       DISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND. Never put your cell phone on your body.  Use the speaker phone or a wired headset. Phone should be at least one foot away from you.  When I go to bed my phone is in another room. I can clearly hear it should it ring but it is not in my room interrupting my sleep.

4)       GA Power is coming to remove my Smart meter and replace it with an analog device. Smart meter “opt outs” are available in most states.  Smart meters constantly pulse telling the power company how much power you use.  Parts of Atlanta are first in line for 5G—I do not want a pulsing meter on my house running at 5G.

5)       When I walk my dog my phone is on airplane mode.  Period.  Sometimes I simply put my phone in a Faraday case. It blocks all radiation.  I still have my phone if there is an emergency. I actually find this peaceful.

6)       My phone wi-fi is off when traveling by car. (I basically have wi-fi off all the time) When traveling the wi-fi constantly pulses trying to find the next tower. Excessive pulsing equals more EMFs.  4G is just fine without trying to find the local wi-fi tower. Less is more.

7)       I sleep on a grounding sheet and have a grounding pad in my office.  Earthing helps balance us electrically with the Earth.

I want to end on a positive note.  There is a technology out there called LiFi.

“LiFi (light fidelity) is a bidirectional wireless alternative to WiFi that uses visible light to transmit data. Using LED light bulbs to access the Internet, LiFi has several advantages over WiFi including speed (100x faster than wi-fi), energy efficiency, safety and security. It is promising and is said to be harmless to humans.  There is a possibility that light with much data hidden within it, may still have negative health effects, but as we have so many health issues linked to electromagnetic radiation from sources like WiFi it is ok to be hopeful that LiFi offers a better alternative and a much brighter future.”


As technology evolves we must always weigh the advantages and the disadvantages. What is the human cost of deployment?

“Primum non nocerum.”  First do no harm.


Until next time.

Sat nam.