"I See Dead People"

Remember the 1999 movie “The Sixth Sense”?   I was at the beach when I saw this movie.  It took me until the very end of the movie when they were rolling the credits, to realize the guy was dead the whole time.   The kid could see dead people that’s why he could see Malcohm Crowe, a child psychologist who was trying to help him.  Can some people really see dead people?   I can say this much, the movie grossed 350 Million dollars making it the highest grossing movie in the US in 1999.  That says to me people were interested in it.  If you ask them if they believe in woo woo-they might brush it off.  Yet, it was woo woo that drew them to the movie in the first place. Just saying.

I believe in woo woo. Here’s why. 

woo woo ‎(plural woo woos)

  1. (slang) A person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, occult, or pseudoscientific phenomena, or emotion-based beliefs and explanations.

First of all, I believe the universe is much larger than what we see. How could it not?  The sheer idea of nature, creation, stars, oceans; I ask who made it, why, when, where and how?  Ever since I was little my mind has raced with these questions.

As I grew older I had experiences of synchronicity.  For example, you think of someone and suddenly they call you.  You hear a song on the radio that reminds you of that person or someone else brings up their name.

I believe we have each have a soul which is our spiritual self. The part of us that can connect with things not seen.   I am convinced through my personal experiences that soul can connect with the collective unconscious providing valuable insight and information. This concept was developed by Carl Jung.

collective unconscious

(Psychology) (in Jungian psychological theory) a part of the unconscious mind incorporating patterns of memories, instincts, and experiences common to all mankind. These patterns are inherited, may be arranged into archetypes, and are observable through their effects on dreams, behavior, etc.,

Then we have woo woo TV shows like “Long Island Medium” with Theresa Caputo that are so popular.  The waiting list for the country’s top physics is so long you can’t get in for months. It’s why John Edwards, James Van Praagh and Sylvia Brown (may she RIP) are so well known.  I mean why is it that  people are fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle, the Pyramids of Egypt, Area 52, Atlantis/Lemuria, and UFOs.   We wonder, we want to know…is it true?  Is there more.

Have you ever noticed that some statuary and images carved inside the pyramids are of what appears to be what we call astronauts? 


 With carvings of Planes before we even had the technology.


Of people floating with what appear to be helmets?  Why do the pyramids look like “markers” and Stonehenge one of the most visited places on earth?  Who wants to see a bunch of stones—unless they wonder why they are there?  What they may represent, how did they get  there?


How do you explain it?  Woo woo captures our attention, we are fascinated by it.  I am.

 In 2009 Northwestern University came out with a study where researchers found that all such “superstitions” may have a common source: the feeling of lack of control, which spurs people to concoct false patterns and meaning from the noise of life’s chance events.   They continued to say this lack of control changed the way people viewed the world and created a temporary need to see patterns where none existed.

I say that's rubbish. Deep inside we know there is more, there is a connection to the world of spirit. That's why we are so interested in stories, experiences and movies about it.

The well-known skeptic Michael Shermer, founder of “The Skeptics Society” considers all of these ideas to be irrational.  In an interview with Deepak Chopra, Chopra said “Shermer is a fundamentalist about materialism, and fundamentalist must have an absolute to believe in.”

 I watched the interview on YouTube and what struck me was the complete lack of curiosity, wonder and questioning on Shermer’s part. It has to be concrete, scientific, empirical. It seemed stunted to me, stagnant and sad that the mind cannot expand to explore the mysteries of life, the unknown.

 People who have questions, people who have open minds to the possibility of things unseen are people I find interesting, fascinating.  I want to hear their stories.

A few examples.  You hear about the stories in Hospice.  The person who is dying and they tell you their dog is on their bed, that their husband who has been dead for 15 years is in the chair waiting to take them.  Is it in their mind?  I think not.  I believe the veil between the here and the there is very thin and only if we had eyes to see.

Here is the fascinating story of the last week of Roger Ebert’s life as narrated by his wife in Esquire Magazine.  Roger was a known atheist.


I believe there are people with these gifts who can see, hear, taste and touch the other side. I believe certain psychics and intuitives possess these abilities.  I also think each of us has some degree of this intuition within us that we can develop.

Did you ever wonder why (if you are Christian) why the magi followed the “Star” to see Jesus?  Were they astrologers?  Why did they bring Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh?

I heard once that the 12 disciples were from every sign of the Zodiac.  They were picked so that there was one person of each sign enabling them to deal with all types of people in the world as some signs get along better with other ones.  I looked it up and this seems to be “undisputed” at this point.


 Don’t you find it interesting that Astrology, the signs of the Zodiac are categorized as Air, Water, Earth and Fire?  All deeply entwined with Eastern Chinese philosophy/Medicine. The meridians of the body, acupuncture, acupressure, NAET and energy patterns?  I do.

While all of this is interesting to consider it doesn’t mean much unless one experiences it for themselves.  Either through their dream life, meditation, synchronicity, see dead people, understand animals as spirits, speak` telepathically to others, Chinese medicine, binaural beats -the ways are many.

“People often think of the sixth sense as an ability that you aren’t born with.  Your sixth sense is a combination of six heightened skill:  Sight (Clarivoyance), Sound (Clairaudience), touch (Clairsentience), knowing (claircognizance), smell (Clairolfactory) and taste (clairgustation).  Each one of these skills has a varying perspective to give you regarding any situation in your life about which you need guidance.”

Joanna Garzilli, “Unleash the Psychic in You”

 I am going to explore some of these things in future blogs, not to freak you out, but for you to expand your curiosity and your wonder.  We are all born with the ability to be intuitive. We can work on being more aware so as to increase our intuitive abilities.  That’s all I am saying.

For me, I am a lucid dreamer. I have been journaling my dreams and their meanings for years.  For those of you who know me well, you know I have made life changing decisions based on things I dream.  There is a difference between a process dream about your day and a dream meant to guide you.  In my dream life if there is a message coming to me from the collective unconscious, I typically hear a barking dog or a doorbell and then I know in my dream to pay attention to what is next.  It fascinates me.  This barking would be considered Clairaudience—the sound of the bark, is hearing—the message follows. In recent years sometimes in my sleep I “See” things—Images or words. They are crystal clear and I know they are real.  They are so clear and so resonant with me I have no embarrassment sharing them. I unconditionally know they are presented to me to help me sort through things. I trust my own intuition in this regard.

One story and then I will explore some of these things in a later posts.  I had a standard poodle named Bella. Her companion was a standard poodle named Maggie owned by my best friend.  When Bella transitioned to the other side I had to put her down, as she was ill and couldn’t walk. The vet came out to the SUV to put her down. It was beside a RR track. When she was injected a train came by and blew the whistle.  The train was not but 30 feet from the SUV. That night, after she died, I called a pet psychic to make sure she made it to the other side.  The pet psychic said when Bella past over, there was a siren, whistle or bells that went off, then she popped over to the other side and was met by her guides. This was true. The psychic had no way of knowing this unless she was told by Bella or she heard or saw it.   During that interaction I asked if there was anything Bella knew about Maggie. Bella said Maggie had an “energy leak” in her side.

My friend took Maggie to the Vet and sure enough she had a heart problem. She was put on a supplement and lived until she was 15 years 7 months old.  She then died.

After she died I would dream of Maggie and Bella every six weeks like clockwork for five years. We would meet in a field we would play and I would say, find me my next poodle. I want her to love me unconditionally (because I want unconditional love)  and I want her to be a therapy dog.  Each time in my dream I would say this to them. Those dreams were so real, and they were exceptionally happy dreams. I could feel their fur, like it was in my hand, and we romped and played.  Bella would run like the wind something she could never do in her earth life.

One Sunday afternoon I was sitting in my chair sleeping listening to symphony music and I felt a dog licking my ear. It was so obvious I woke up and wiped my ear off.  I knew it was Maggie. That very week I got a call from a Breeder I had contacted telling me another breeder had a 12-week old black poodle. The only one left in the litter.  I went and got her.  Her name is Effie.  Here we are when we first came home. Seven years ago.


That first night she was in her crate as she was crate training.  I was asleep and I felt a dog jump on my bed. I thought how did she get out. I sat up and Effie was sound asleep in her crate. After a pause,  I said “oh it’s you, Maggie—thank you”.  I laid down and a short while later she jumped off the bed.

I never dreamed of Maggie or Bella again.  It’s been slightly over seven years.  They did what spirit does, they helped me.

Do I believe in woo woo?  Absolutely.  

Until Next time,

Peace out.